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Another day, another Electroneum (ETN) rise. Today Electroneum is up by about 6% even as the rest of the market struggles. At this rate, Electroneum (ETN) could easily hit $1 within 2018 or at some point in 2019.  And if that happens, then anyone with a significant amount of Electroneum (ETN) coins today could be about to be a millionaire. This could be bitcoin 2010 all over again, when an investment of just a few thousand dollars, made the crypto whales of today. But is there a real chance that Electroneum (ETN) could ever hit $1?

Well, first, the potential use-value of this crypto is quite high. This is a mass market product, and if it succeeds, it could be used by hundreds of millions of users all across the globe. That’s because it targets the unbanked smartphone-using population in the developing world. This is a market that has hundreds of millions of potential clients, and if they were to adopt Electroneum (ETN), then its value in the market could easily hit over $1. But the question is, what are the chances that Electroneum can make it big in this market? Well, from its current fundamentals, ETN has everything it takes to make it in this market.

That’s because Electroneum (ETN) will be mineable via smartphones, which means that it could be a source of income for millions of people all across the world. While the number of coins mined might not amount to much in dollar value, to lots of people in the developing world, this can make all the difference. As such, this is a major incentive for users to adopt Electroneum by the millions. Once this gains traction, Electroneum (ETN) could easily test $1 in the near future.

Then there is the fact that Electroneum (ETN) could be headed for major partnerships with Telco’s in emerging economies. According to the Electroneum team, most potential partners have been holding back due to the lack of KYC.  As such, now that ETN has KYC, there is every reason to believe that partners will be coming in, in droves. Most Telco’s have a couple million users on average. In essence, once the partnerships start coming in, Electroneum (ETN) could easily gain a couple of million users within a very short time. This will give it a huge value surge that could see it get to $1 within a very short time.

But what about market cap? Can ETN hit a dollar without the market cap becoming unrealistic, relative to the global economy? The answer to that is a big Yes. Electroneum has a total supply of 21 billion coins. As such, if it were to hit a dollar, that would be a market cap of $21 billion. That’s quite a realistic figure, and one that is very much attainable. For smart investors, this is a good time to invest in Electroneum. It is still heavily undervalued, when you factor in the fact that it is yet to gain in adoption in the market.


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