Ripple, XRP (XRP)

Ripple’s XRP is moving very fast with its developments making significant progress. At this stage XRP is in full control over making partnerships with different banks around the world, and so far they have been pretty successful. One such partnership has been with Banco Santander. The XRP partnership with coil to set a platform for content creators have seen an increase in the sign-ups on YouTube and Twitch after the beta release. All the developments for XRP are very healthy for long-term.

Ripple-Banco Santander Progress 

A successful partnership with Santander bank is keeping on to move with more improvements to come. The Spanish bank is ready to expand Ripple’s XRP powered OnePay FX network to the different countries of Europe. The Santander bank is also looking forward to adopt Ripple ledger for its entire payment settlements. 

Earlier in the Ripple Swell event, Ed Metzger said that they consider the financial services are moving to an open network world, where corporations can cooperate to address top customer service for the users. He added that, that is what they are doing with OnePay FX.  

The Rumors of Ripple-SWIFT partnership 

The expectation goes high that XRP might attend the upcoming SWIFT Sibos 2018 conference in Sydney which is being held between 22nd Oct to 25th Oct. A lot of rumors have to going around that SWIFT may partner Ripple’s xRapid. But, the ex-SWIFT and current Ripple employee, Marjan Delatinne, who knows the mechanism of both SWIFT and Ripple-XRP inside out says that Ripple and SWIFT are “doing different things”.  

Through the SWIFT system transactions across the globe happens, a system created before the invention of Internet. This system is slow, costly and prone to error, whereas Ripple is totally different and a new generation invention based on blockchain technology. 

By using blockchain technology and Ripple-XRP’s digital asset, banks can make transactions in a time of minutes. Ripple isn’t like the SWIFT technology which promises to pay and exchange money, but it actually can exchange money in a matter of minutes. 

In opinion to Mrs. Delatinne, the market will choose the best option, but we can see both SWIFT and Ripple’s XRP together on one platform, as their aim is one but technology is different.  

Brust of Sign-Ups on YouTube & Twitch  

A platform provided by Ripple-XRP to the content creators which lets them to monetize their content and earn XRP on Twitch, YouTube and across the web. Coil after releasing their beta version last month have seen an increase in the sign-ups on all these platforms. Without any sort of invitation, more than 500 websites and channels have signed-up on YouTube and web. 

This web monetization is a great platform for those you have the ability to showcase their content on Internet. The content creator’s sign-up and are rewarded with XRP tokens for their content. This is just the beginning and there will be more websites and Channels on YouTube that will be signing-up in future. This will help Ripple increase their user base and led to an increase in the volume of XRP. This increase in sign-ups is a sign that this project will go far, increasing more adoption of XRP.


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