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Blockchain brilliance innovations have seen many individuals and organizations benefit immensely through real world solutions that the technology has come with. The entry of  BlockTix (TIX), based on the Ethereum ecosystem, has seen the transformation of the event planning sector.  The application puts event planners in control of all processes including advertising, distributing and trading of event tickets.

The modern investors is looking for promising ecosystems that are offering solutions to their lives and adding value to their digital holdings. Any shinny project that does not deliver on its promised has no place in the blockchain industry and this is the reason behind the BlockTix adoption.

The introduction of BlockTix mobile apps in the market seems to work well with event planners and the music and event goers and the connection between the two has made the BlockTix app a hot hit in a market that has been dominated by the traditional ticketing systems that are slow, easy to manipulate and expensive.

Entry of BlockTix in the Event Planning and Ticketing Market

BlockTix come into the limelight after a successful event that shook the entire world by storm in July 2018. The event that was billed the Neverland Festival took part in Landgraaf in the Netherlands was the first pilot project that put the BlockTix ticketing outfit into test and the success as seen the token popularity start to rise. The two day event attracted over 15,000 according to statistics of scanned tickets at the entrance.

The scanning went really well, however it happened to be the weekend after Augur launched so the Ethereum network was somewhat busy. We knew days before the event that the redemption on chain wasn’t going to be smooth, so we built in a ticket redemption cache and queue on the mobile app so that tickets are scanned and immediately marked as redeemed on the local scanning device.

While scanning, we realized immediately that there are areas we can improve upon, and enhancements we can do to make ticket validation easier and ticket redemption across multiple devices faster. These improvements have already been discussed and are on their way to being implemented.

The pilot and the event were both really awesome, and we look forward to the next event where Blocktix will be used by even more people.

– Ryno Mathee

The success of the Neverland Festival has seen the popularity of the event planning and ticketing platform which has seen the second event that ended September become bigger and better. The transparency and convenience of BlockTix app saw the September 23 event, the FireBird Music Festival in Scottsdale, AZ become a huge success.

The recent event saw major names in the music industry take part and the list was quite uplifting for the BlockTix community and music goers in the US. The event details have already been posted on their official event page that you can have a look at.

BlockTix (TIX) Price Surprise Surge

The last 24hours have seen the TIX price surge defying the market blood bath during the same period. The market shift has seen the top 10 coins trade in the red while the TIX price gained by 83.66% (at press time) to trade at $0.291195. This comes after the team published their development progress update.

Some of the features that are pushing the TIX demands are the ease of use of the app and more importantly the cost of tickets which is incredibly low compared to traditional ticketing and the ordinary music and event lover can afford.

The BlockTix app has also cut out the middleman and the processed is now fast and seamless and for the event organizers, ticket manipulation and faking is a thing of the past. With the app compatibility with iOS and Android in the offing and their increased usability in the market, the sky is the limit for TIX as these will push mass adoptions and increased usage of the token.


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