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Dogecoin (DOGE) has been an improving coin in 2018, the contest to enter the Coinbase zone goes on. As the digital currencies looks to make them part of the exchange. DOGE has been working on its network and emerge itself into Ether’s system through the DOGE/ETH bridge. According to Ross Nicoll, a core member of DOGE’s team said that the DOGE is preparing for a submission to be listed on Exchange.   

This listing for Dogecoin is a very big deal because Coinbase is viewed as one of the most reputable exchanges around the world. The exchange has a full SEC approval and compliance. Unlike other top digital assets like XRP and Cardano, Dogecoin do not have a massive company. The one thing DOGE mostly relies on is their community base, this aspect is not enough for dogecoin to be listed on such a top exchange. The main thing will be the Ethereum ecosystem i.e. “Dogethereum bridge”. The bridge is still in alpha phase, but it is going to launch soon.  

Dogecoin (DOGE) Setting Up a Submission to be Listed on Coinbase 

Dogecoin’s Dev Team is preparing to compile a submission for listing on Coinbase. Recently, Coinbase announced that they will be listing some more cryptocurrencies on their network. Every top coin that is not on the exchange is expecting and trying to get itself to list on Coinbase. Ross Nicoll, one of the core members of Dogecoin developer team, in an interview said: 

“The DOGE team is getting ready to put their submission for listing on Coinbase for Dogecoin.” 

Nicoll said that Dogecoin (DOGE) is more than just being a joke coin; Dogecoin has been among the oldest assets in the market since the its launch in 2013. When he was asked that will dogecoin be able to make itself to Coinbase, Ross replied that their dev team is in full hope that Coinbase will list the coin on their exchange. 

If Coinbase lists Dogecoin, this will highly affect the coins ranking and increase its user base even more. The price can reach up to $0.1 USD, even if the market will be bear as today. But if the market will be in a bullish situation the price can cross $1 mark, its soon too early to say. But it definitely will push dogecoin much high like at the time of news of DOGE/ETH bridge. Dogecoin is already on exchanges like Bittrex, HitBTC, Poloniex and other big exchanges. Dogecoin has a good trading volume but being listed on Coinbase means that it will put a good image among those investors who really care about institutional laws and this can lead dogecoin even grow higher. 

DOGE’s Future According to Nicolls 

Ross Nicoll regarding the future of Dogecoin (DOGE) said that dogecoin has been a bona fide digital currency of the Internet since its launch. He further added that he is thrilled to watch DOGE become the basic part of Ether ecosystem. All in all, future for Dogecoin looks bright and it will be the favorite coin for the investors in years to come.


All these news going around about Dogecoin says it all, if the coin gets listed on Coinbase, it will a great moment for DOGE’s community. If the coin doesn’t gets listed it will not mean that dogecoin is not enough capable to be their on the exchange but the competition to make their is very tough. Their are other top coins aiming to be listed, but dogecoin users can hope for the best in next few months to come. As, DOGE is working on to be the part of Ether’s community by officially launching the Dogethereum bridge.


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