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The Market has been hell red from last two days, at the time of writing. Most of the top coins including XRP, Cardano, TRON, Ethereum and other altcoins having been facing the effect of the bearish market. Most of top coins are down up to –10%. TRON, ADA and XRP were gaining pretty decent at the end of last week, especially TRX the top among them but from last couple of days the market has turn the tables around on these digital assets. In last few days the total market cap of the Market has lost $20 billion Dollars. 

After a spell of comparatively decent trading last week, this week looks to be unfavorable for most of the altcoins. There are few bad news for the crypto market this week. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is looking cautious about the extension of cryptocurrencies prices and popularity. In a Global Economic Outlook report, it has been warned about the lightening growth of this new asset class and what vulnerabilities it can bring to the world’s financial system. This might be one reason that the market has gone down rapidly, but before it come backs on the track, the coins to buy and HODL in this bearish market are XRP, Cardano and TRON.  


XRP (XRP) price has dropped from $0.5 USD to $0.4 USD in last couple of days, which is a significant fall in its price descending up to –10%. At the time of Writing, XRP was trading with a price of $0.408 USD having a market cap of $16 billion. At the moment the price of XRP was going down up to –12%.  

Cardano (ADA) 

Cardano (ADA) price has dropped from $0.086 USD to $0.075 USD in last couple of days, this is a very huge descend in ADA’s price in just two days’ time, and has dropped almost up to –10%. At the time of Writing, ADA was trading with a price of $0.07 USD having a market cap of $1.9 billion. At the moment the price of ADA was going down up to –11% 


One of the highest gainers of last week, has been one of top losers of this week so far. TRON has dropped its price from $0.28 USD to $0.22 is last than 24 hours’ time. At the time of writing, TRX was trading around $0.22 USD with a market cap of $1.4 billion USD. Currently, its price was going down at a rate of –12%. 

Don’t Panic, Just Buy & HODL XRP, ADA and TRX 

The downfall of the market has been due to the report released by World Economic Outlook, but it’s just like that news of Goldman Sachs group a month ago, when Goldman backed away from trading plans with Bitcoin (BTC). At that time the market saw a similar drop and Bitcoin dropped rapidly. A similar type of situation is going on today but no need to worry, the market will be back on track in few days’ time.  

This is the best time to buy these three coins, as they have dropped their value pretty much, so buy them in less price at the moment and HODL them as long as they hit back with a major surge. XRP and TRON saw a huge surge in their price in recent time in span of a days, so expect these to bounce back when the market settles and investors can make a lot of profit from them. XRP, ADA and TRX are in the headlines due to their recent developments and projects. Their users need to keep their trust alive on all three of these and wait for the right moment to cash in and make a huge of benefit. 


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