Digibyte, DGB

Yesterday, Digibyte (DGB) jumped up a few positions on coin market cap to rank 30th. It has since dropped back a few positions and now ranks 35th.  The reason for yesterday’s pump is mainly linked to Huobi, where DGB was trading at a premium. However, even with these fluctuations, Digibyte still remains a solid long-term hold. Its fundamentals could easily take it into the top 20, or even possibly into the top 10 going into the future.

One of Digibyte (DGB)’s core strengths is in cybersecurity.  This year has seen an increase in high profile hacks. The latest one was the Facebook hack, where close to 50 million accounts were compromised. Such high level hacks just go to show how increasingly vulnerable centralized systems have become.  As such, any alternatives to these systems are likely to become a major hit going into the future. Digibyte happens to be one such alternative. Digibyte (DGB) is a secure crypto, one that has a good chance at taking over the cybersecurity market.

A feature like Digi-ID gives website top notch security that is guaranteed cryptographically. That’s huge market potential, that is still largely untapped by the DigiByte blockchain, one that could push up the value of DGB going into the future. And the best part is that Digibyte is already gaining in adoption in this market. Prove to this is its adoption by Antum ID and V-ID.

While these are early use cases, they open up the way for other companies to adopt it too. However, the biggest use case for DigiByte in this field will be in the IoT market. This is the one market that could take Digibyte (DGB) to new levels, given that it is expected to usher in a massive transformation to life as we know it, in coming decades.

Another of its core strengths is in the payments market. There are lots of cryptos that are all angling for the payments market. That’s because it is one of the most lucrative markets for cryptocurrencies. The ability to rival fiat is simply priceless. Digibyte has what it takes to win this race, and dominate the market. That’s because it has something that most of the coins competing with it don’t have, and that’s decentralization.

Digibyte (DGB) is one of the most decentralized, if not the most decentralized coins in the market, and is permission-less. This means you can use it to send money from any location, without ever having to worry that someone could censor you. That’s powerful because it gives power to the user, which is the true essence of blockchain technology.

With such strong fundamentals, it’s not hard to see why Digibyte (DGB) has good chances of making it to the top 20, or even the top 10. Its uses are fundamental in nature, and strongly interwoven to the needs of the population in the 21st century.  Price-wise, if DGB were to make it to the top 10, then chances are that it would be worth upwards of $0.50. That’s a good return for anyone invested in DGB at this point.


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