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One of the best ways for altcoins to grow is through fiat pairings. That’s because at the moment, most altcoins are paired against bitcoin, and this has become a bottleneck to their growth, even though they have the right fundamentals supporting them. For instance, a coin like Nano (Nano) coin has huge potential, because it is feeless, which makes it a worthy competitor to fiat-based payment systems. However, it has been held back by its huge correlation with bitcoin (BTC). Its price moves in the last 9 months have largely been in tandem with those of bitcoin (BTC).

However, things could change in the future, all thanks to Payfair. Payfair is a P2P trading platform that allows investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in their local currencies. By listing Nano (Nano), it means that this crypto will be paired against over 35 fiat currencies all across the world. This will play a huge role in stabilizing the price of Nano (Nano) going into the future. That’s because, independent of bitcoin (BTC), Nano (Nano) intrinsic value is very high, and could see it rise quite fast, even under current market conditions. Several factors give weight to such a possibility.

First, Nano has the fundamentals to back it up. That’s because when it comes to payments, people will always go for the most convenient method. Convenience in this cases take into consideration issues like speed, cost, and security among others. On all these issues, Nano outperforms current systems by a huge deal. For instance, Nano is feeless, and that’s one issue where Nano (Nano) could outperform existing systems. That’s because, everyone sending money wants to do so cost effectively.

As more people get to learn of its existence, its value will rise up significantly over time. Speed is another factor that most people put into consideration, since they need to send money fast, especially in global transactions. This is another area where Nano (Nano) coin wins over current systems. That’s because Nano transactions are instant. As such, all it takes is a higher level of awareness and users will shift over to Nano (Nano).

Secondly, Nano (Nano) coin is currently engaging in aggressive marketing to drive up awareness. Over time, this will push up the value of Nano, since more people will learn of it and its market strengths, and take an interest in it as an investment.

The above factors will play a huge role in driving up the levels of adoption of Nano (Nano) coin. As such, now that it will be more accessible to investors directly via fiat, demand could soar quite fast going into the future. Looking at its price, Nano (Nano) is currently trading at under $2, which is quite low when compared to its all-time highs of over $30.As it becomes more accessible via fiat, its value stands to rise significantly going into the future. Nano (Nano) now has the potential to easily outdo these highs and probably hit a high of $100 or even more. Everything about Nano (Nano) points to a good future for this coin.


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