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Ethereum Classic is making huge moves in asserting its presence in the blockchain ecosystem. It recently opened an office in San Francisco offering Dapps developers space as well as financing and other forms of support. The idea is to facilitate these startups in launching Dapps on the ETC blockchain. These efforts seem to be gaining traction, given that a number of high profile blockchains have been selected, and will receive funding and support from the ETC community.

Some of these projects include Vrex Lab, GSC platform, Scanta among others. These are projects that cut across industries ranging from AI to gaming. If they succeed, these projects will add a huge deal of value to the ETC ecosystem. They will open up the Ethereum Classic blockchain to mass adoption across industries.

Over and beyond this startup accelerator program, the ETC community has been active in other activities that will ultimately lead to an increase in the adoption of the Ethereum Classic blockchain. For instance, they have been organizing a series of meetups that are all aimed at pushing up the adoption of the ETC blockchain. Recently, there was a meetup in New York, where community members discussed different issues related to this blockchain. Another meetup is coming up in Poland on October 25th.

During this event, the community will discuss different issues including smart contracts on the ETC blockchain. These meetups have a huge value to the long-term growth of the ETC blockchain. Through them, new investors will get to learn about the ETC blockchain, and invest in it. This will add to its long-term demand, and drive up its price over time. On top of that, from these meetups, new Dapps ideas will pop up, and out of them, a few will be revolutionary and greatly push up the value of ETC a platform blockchain in the business world.

The community has also been pushing for the adoption of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) coin as a payment method. These efforts seem to be paying off, as can be seen in the adoption of ETC by Peter Marco one of the biggest jewelers in Beverly Hills. As ETC becomes more visible in the market through community efforts, the Ethereum Classic coin will gain more adoption and gain in value over time.

On the basis of the above factors, Ethereum Classic (ETC) stands out as a good long-term investment. It mirrors Ethereum in every way, but has the added advantage of immutability.  As such, it has a good chance of closing the gap with Ethereum in terms of price in the long-run. There is a high probability of this happening considering that different organizations are starting to adopt it.  For instance, the ETC blockchain was recently used for voting by a Brazilian organization that has 400 organizations under its umbrella. That’s a big reap in the adoption of this blockchain, one that could easily open up its adoption as a tool for conducting elections in different industries. This could see the value of this blockchain rise significantly in the future


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