Dogecoin, DOGE

Dogecoin (DOGE) has been proving itself day in and day out that it is worth a coin to look into future. It started as a joke but its rapid progress shows that crypto users believe and respect DOGE’s blockchain technology. But could anyone believe that the Dogecoin’s founder doesn’t even own a single DOGE. Dogecoin is a Joke, but what if this was a bigger joke than that. In reply to a user’s tweet Jackson Palmer re-tweeted: 

“What pushes people to this stage of madness? For the record, I continue to own zero Dogecoin.” 

Know Palmer’s tweet may put some new traders and users of dogecoin in doubt, because the person who founded Dogecoin and knows DOGE better than anyone else has negative views and opinions about the coin. He’s being too much sarcastic about dogecoin, the coin success itself answers to his critics. But the point is it hurts DOGE, whenever he says something negative about dogecoin.

One of Dogecoin’s fan condemned Palmer comment and said that he would love to come back to DOGE’s project; stating, “when Palmer starts focusing on DOGE, you know it’s gonna pump some more” and in reply Palmer said, “Canary in the coal mine.” So, overall the founder of dogecoin does not admire the project. When DOGE reached $2 million market cap, he had some harsh words for its appreciation, Jackson said: 

“When I jokingly tweeted about “investing in Dogecoin” in late 2013, I never imagined that the tongue-in-cheek cryptocurrency I had just brought into the world would still be around in the year 2018, let alone hit a $2 billion market cap like it just did over the weekend.”  

DOGE is Not a Joke Anymore! 

Well, regardless of its founders’ opinions, Dogecoin has moved forward towards its destination and in a sense of other way around Palmer negative approach has pushed Dogecoin to move forward, just like acting as a catalyst for DOGE. However, Dogecoin dropped significantly last week, but it was more of a market correction. Moving forward into the future, Dogecoin has much more to offer. 

The last six months have been a dream time for dogecoin, and its users are keen to hear more news from DOGE. Recently, the Coinbase listing Submission was the news roaming around, but at the moment it doesn’t seem to happen but in future we might see DOGE getting listed on the Exchange. Another big news is the official launch of Dogethereum bridge, it still is to be officially launched. The test of DOGE/ETH bridge has been pretty successful and has taken its users in trust. Dogecoin being merged into Ethereum ecosystem will be a big achievement.  

Overall, Dogecoin (DOGE) has done very good and expectations are very high from DOGE due to its success in last six months. If Dogecoin needs to become one of the leading faces of the company than it will have to work really hard and keep the crypto users in trust. So far Dogecoin has being doing good and heading into 2019, DOGE looks to be one of the favorites. 


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