Digibyte, DGB

With the recent drop in Digibyte (DGB) rankings, sections of the Digibyte community are getting concerned that Digibyte (DGB) might be losing out. Such concerns are understandable given that coins that may not be at par with Digibyte (DGB), in terms of technical capabilities, seem to be holding up better than Digibyte. But in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing to be worried about. Blockchain technology is still young and most people are yet to understand it. That’s why the most focus at this stage is on prices, and naturally most of the money is flowing into projects that have strong hype teams behind them.

However, this phase will pass as institutions take an interest in this market. That’s because they will inject enough capital in the market, and make pump and dump games very expensive Regulations are coming up too, and soon fishy manipulation games will disappear. This will to a large extent create room for fundamentally strong coins to gain more visibility.

Digibyte falls in this category of coins. It has all the right fundamentals ranging from security, speed to cost. The question, is the Digibyte (DGB) proactive in preparing for more adoption in the future?

Well, to give credit where it is due, the DGB community has taken lots of positive steps in doing the best for Digibyte. One of the biggest moves by the Digibyte (DGB) community was to create the Digibyte Awareness team. The core mission of this team is to create more awareness about Digibyte (DGB) and so far they have been quite successful. That’s because in terms of awareness, there are more people who know about Digibyte (DGB) now that there was in 2017 or earlier. This is a positive step, and as the market gains more mainstream acceptance, the demand for Digibyte (DGB) will rise as well, pushing up its value in the market.

Another parameter for measuring the success of DGBAT is the increased number of exchanges listing DGB. This year, Digibyte (DGB) has seen an increased number of exchange listings. The latest of these exchange listings is Extauri. Yesterday Extauri, a regulated European exchange announced that they would be listing Digibyte (DGB) and will be offering fiat pairings for Digibyte (DGB). This will open up the value of Digibyte (DGB) in the market going into the future. This is play a role in pushing up the demand for Digibyte (DGB) going into the future. At this point, any exchange listing that Digibyte (DGB) gets is a positive step towards Digibyte towards mass adoption, by adding to its demand.

Lastly, the charity activities that the Digibyte (DGB) team has been engaging are also adding to the overall demand of Digibyte (DGB). For instance, their activities in Venezuela have created demand for it in this country. Slowly, its usage will add to its usage in other countries as well. It is this progress that will see the value of Digibyte (DGB) rise slowly over time.

In essence, the long-term prospects of Digibyte (DGB) are good. It may not be performing well now, but long term HODLERs stand to gain a lot from this coin.


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