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It is good news for the Verge (XVG) holders after NetCents announcement that it is integrating the digital assets into its merchant gateway. This will give the not-so-well performing coin a boost as it continues to struggle against the bad publicity it found itself after its partnership with PornHub.

The XVG addition has also seen ZenCash, NEM, Bitcoin Cash TRON and Horizon get listed on the platform and this is a good chance for Verge to redeem itself and get back to its shinny days. While breaking the positive news, the CEO at NetCents, Clayton Moore has said:

“By adding these new coins to the Merchant Gateway, we are giving our merchants and partners greater flexibility and control in how they accept cryptocurrency payments from their customers. Our goal is to facilitate cryptocurrency as a daily transactional currency. By giving our merchants access to the coins that they would like to accept, we hope to foster greater adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method.”

Getting added on the next generation payment platform is a big boost for XVG as it seeks to reposition itself in the market through expanding its usability and visibility. NetCents merchant gateway will open up XVG market reach once the coins starts being accepted throughout NetCents’ online affiliate outlets.

Verge Hard Times Coming to an End

Verge (XVG) has had its challenges in the market despite being billed as one of the most promising coins in the privacy category. A lot of developments have been accomplished on the platform which should have made the coin head to the top 10 most valuable virtual assets but instead, it has been dropping in its ranking and partly in value.

With more privacy focused coins entering the market, Verge will have an uphill task of regaining its dwindling market share. The team behind the project appears to be biting more that they can chew and this has led to reduced investor confidence and the dying hype that has been keeping the ecosystem in the news. So what is ailing Verge?

Verge Internal Threats

Verge is an ambitious project and has been on the down trend not because of the growing competition in the market but its failure to focus on important growth aspects within it systems. The outfit has been associated with FUD and this has led to negative criticism that has seen many XVG diehards move to forward looking coins in the privacy category.

Verge has been making promises that do not actualize and this has seen the community passion drop to its lowest in the last six months. Investors are looking at a system they can stake on for the long term benefits but the project team appears to be seeking the short term limelight which is not adding any value to the XVG holder.

Verge (XVG) Price on Track

The addition of XVG on NetCents network appears not to have any positive impact on the coin price. However, XVG has traded on the green zone for the past 24 hours hitting a day’s high of $0.014911 with marginal gains of 2.63% to the green buck. This could usher in the anticipated breakout towards the end of Q4 which will be supported by the steps the developer team has been making in the last 6 months.

With the anticipated adoption through NetCents Merchant network, the value of the coin is poised to rise as the many merchants will create more demand for XVG coin which will culminate in value growth. However, this will only be achieved if the team keeps its promises and ensures that the existing partnerships’ potential is exploited to the maximum.


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