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RChain (RHOC) is certainly not among top 100 coins in the market but it in under 150 and has been surging very high in last 24 hours. The recent update of RNode to v0.7.1 has been appreciated by the crypto community and the consequences have been good.  

The RNode Cooperative in partnership with Pyrofex released the the RNode version 0.7.1 few days ago. This is a beginning towards the launch of RChain’s blockchain, which is in scheduled to be launched in Q1 of 2019. 

This new version of RChain’s RNode brings in new features with some core one’s including; name registry, cost accounting and validator bonding. Other features included in the RNode v0.7.1 are: 

  • a new threading model. 
  • fine-grained locking in the tuple space. 
  • In memory DAG storage.  
  • Rholang cheat sheet designed to support developers in the use of Rholang. 

This is a pre-release version of RHOC’s RNode before they launch their MainNet in 2019. This version provides release notes which supports dApp developers use of the platform and guides to the adjustments of the software. It also includes Rholang language for writing smart contracts. The threading will enhance the RSpace and consensus protocol. 

So this update has been good coming for RChain (RHOC), and the coin has been on the greenish side in the market. This increase might be for a short period of time because the coin is still in building phase but still it has shown resistance to the bearish market today which is a good sign for the coin to enter the next phase of cryptocurrency. The crypto users will be looking at the big launch in start of the next year.  

At the moment, the price of RChain (RHOC) has been fluctuating around $0.1 USD and $0.7 USD in last two weeks. At the time of writing, RChain (RHOC) was trading with a price of $0.095 USD. In coming days, the price is expected to surge more and hit up to $0.2 USD. So, it is a good time to invest in such a coin because it has low cost and is improving day by day, and in coming time it will improve its blockchain even more. So, it will hit high in a bear market in future and will be beneficial for the users. 

At the time of writing, RChain (RHOC) was trading with a price of $0.095 USD with a market cap of $36 million and a trade volume of $562,251 USD. The coin was moving up about 15% in last 24 hours and looks to be regain that $0.1 mark.  

So, investors should be looking at the price mark of $0.1 which will show a bearish trend and is a sign to go high in future. RChain will have to make its presence felt in the market by certain partnership but for now the major news going into the future is the MainNet release coming in the Q1 of 2019.


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