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Despite the low activity in the crypto-sphere in the last two months, Electroneum (ETN) has defied all odds and stuck on the positive trading zone. The mobile based crypto has been growing in its popularity and its simplicity and ease of use has seen it gain in terms of getting adopted.

Bridging the gap between fiat and digital assets has been a hard nut to crack for many crypto startups but with ETN, this seems to work to their favor. The recent listing onSistemokoin has proved to be a groundbreaking venture for the steadily raising coin given its compatibility with most smartphones.

While breaking the good news, the ETN team said in a tweet:

Electroneum @electroneum

We’re partnering with Sistemokoin to bring three new #ETN trading pairings live very soon! ETN trading with Euros (EUR) Lira (TRY) and BitCoin is just a whisker away and US citizens will be able to open an account and buy and sell ETN in USD.  How exciting is that?

-28 October, 2018

Electroneum Coming to Liquid Exchange

Electroneum is also getting listed on Liquid exchange and this is another groundbreaking partnership that will also see additional pairing with Fiat currency.  The exiting news was broken a few hours ago and this will see the demand for ETN continue to rise and things are looking up and Q4 could see the ETN holders get an early Christmas gift in price surge.

Electroneum @electroneum

“We’re very close to going live on one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges in fiat! Liquid will be listing #ETN in Euros very soon, with Dollars following soon after.

This is a business-defining moment for Electroneum-one that will take us one step closer to mass adoption…”

-28 October, 2018

Electroneum Focusing on Visibility and Global Reach

The listing on Sistemokoin is a ploy to ensure the coin is available in as many geographical locations as possible and this will also woo global exchanges to list ETN once demand grows. Sistemokoin is a new but fast growing exchange and is available in many countries.

At the tie of reporting ETN is ranked 53rd by market cap and is headed to the top 50 the coin has registered a growth of over 400% in just one month and getting listed on more exchanges will boost its market inroads and scale up the ranks.

The beauty of ETN is that you can mine it using your smartphone. All you need to do is install the app and you are good to go. This is an edge over other mineable coins that require complicated and expensive tools to mine. This simple feature makes ETN a useful digital asset to own hence the current demand and adoption.

Meeting KYC and AML Compliance

While many coins and tokens are struggling with the regulations, it’s a walkover for the coin. Investors are shunning other assets and going for the regulation correct ones and ETN is reaping big. This has made the demand and value for ETN to increase in a very short duration. What the ecosystem now needs is a few high profile partners and it will head to the moon.

What’s more; anyone interested in cryptocurrencies can afford ETN. The coin is still trading below the $1 mark and this is a good entry point for serious investors looking for the long term prospects. Crypto is no longer driven by hype but its usability, availability and affordability and that is what ETN is offering to the market.

Being a compliant coin has seen the Electroneum (ETN) price stabilize in the last one week and this could continue in the coming weeks. The price of ETN has grown by 1.46% against the dollar to change hands at $0.018219. With the ongoing Halloween consume competition; the boost will see the demand for ETN increase making it a coin to watch in 2019.


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