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The dynamism of the blockchain is coming into play and as Ethereum struggles to cut a niche in the dApp scene, Ethereum Classic (ETC) and NEO (NEO)seem to be positioning themselves to benefit from the spill over from the once market leader in the niche. The battle swords are now drawn and observers are waiting to see who wins the dApps war.

Ethereum Classic has been smarting from the undervalued crypto tag while for NEO, everything has been running smoothly. These are two different outfits in construction terms, they run on similar technology and scrambling for the same audience which is the developer community. Their value proposition offerings are almost similar and it is interesting how their future plays out.

Ethereum Classic and dApp Platform Growth

Classic has remained steadfast in its original vision and over the years has made huge steps towards becoming the better option from Ethereum. Its popularity has been on the rise and the introduction of Emerald, the dApp tool kit has seen its user portfolio improve in a very short time.

The platform is highly flexible and the entry on third party developers has seen new projects coming onboard, a sign that it is taking up some of Ethereum users. Using dApps on the ETC ecosystem means the value growth of the coin is unstoppable due to the anticipated demand.

The emerald software tool kit and the IoT feature of Classic gives the platform an upper hand compared to Ethereum and NEO. However, the project team needs to woo more developers to the outfit for it to see the benefits of the tool kit as well as dominate the IoT sector. The practical dApp approach that the platform has taken is poised to catapult it to the next level as long as scalability is assured and that the transaction fee remains near zero.

NEO (NEO) A Shinny dApp Hub with Less Experience

NEO is yet to shed its undervalued crypto tag but is fast making inroads into the dApp market and already, has several projects running on its ecosystem; a good start for the underdog. The NEO dApp feature is supported by the user base and is set to become successful in a short time.

Unlike Classic, NEO is focusing more on dApps and this could be its only advantage. However, with the technology, there is more that developer tools to expect from this young market entrant. However, the good thing about NEO is that anyone can create their apps without ant prior programing knowledge. This reduces the costs associated with development fee and is a huge plus towards mass adoption.

NEO has attracted several projects including crypto exchanges, media, IoT, AI and e-commerce just to mention a few. The success of the projects will see an influx of more and this is one of the projects to watch as the market ushers in 2019. Given the growing popularity of app development, it is still early to determine the platform that comes out tops.

The competition between Ethereum Classic and NEO is just the beginning of better deals for the developer community. As noted earlier, the market is highly dynamic and the winner takes it all by the end of the day. Developers have their set needs and the choice of a platform to build on will depend on the value offering.


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