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Holochain (HOT): Blockchain has emerged as one of the top inventions of this century in the field of technology. Everyone around the world have been impressed by this technology, while some people still have questions regarding its security. This is still the beginning for Blockchain and in such a less time it has done wonders for different firms, users and different fields of life.  

Holochain (HOT) going beyond Blockchain 

What exactly Holochain (HOT) are trying to do now is that they are trying to move a little bit away from blockchain. For example, in blockchain there is a one distributed ledger that everything is taking place on. Every single transaction could be viewed by the users through ledger.  

But Holochain are looking at a more of an Agent centric approach, with this the users will essentially have their own Node that they will be running for their particular Dapp. The user will have its own HashChain, this is the code which makes decentralized application work. This HashChain will allow HOT users to communicate with other agents. 

So, now if the Node has to go offline, Holochain has created a Distributed Hash Table, where the public information will be stored across randomize nodes. Now, looking at Holochain (HOT) the users is essentially getting their own chain, with this user’s will not have to interact with other chains if the users do not want to. This Agent centric approach, there is no third party or a central authority involved, similar to blockchain. The users are fully in control of their data chain while having the option to contribute to Holochain network. 

So, all in all Holochain looks to attain a new object by making some variations in blockchain technology. If the Holochain network gets up with this technology and starts to be adopted by the crypto users around the world, then it will be huge plus for Holochain in future.  

Holochain Dev Preview Release 

Holochain recently released their new Developer Preview Release. The HOT dev team also is looking to re-built the Rust. This release is a major boost for Holochain network. This will hugely help the dev team to reach up to the response of their new API. Holochain has changed their previous API after the user’s feedback. So HOT is keeping intact with the holochain community. This is really helping the Holo network to grow much faster. The dev team is working on different improvements in the network and working on the basics of the coin to be much better and enhanced. Nicolas Luck, core developer of Holochain stated: 

“Holochain Developer Preview Release… a Major Milestone”  

Holochain Market Overview 

Holochain (HOT) has been surging up as rest of the market looks to be in better mood today. Almost after a week of severe bullish run, market tends to be much improving today. At the time of writing, HOLO was surging up at a rate of 3%, having a trading price of $0.001 USD with a market cap of $143 million.  

So, in coming days Holochain will look to get involved in some partnerships to make a better impact among crypto user and to make sure that Holochain is one of the leading future coins in crypto market. At the moment, it stands on 53rd spot but in near future it will be in top 50 if it keeps on improving.


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