Dogecoin, DOGE

Most of the altcoins started November on a high but Dogecoin (DOGE) hasn’t seem to do much in a while now. Since 15th September dogecoin has been dropping. The meme coin does not thrill crypto users at the moment at all. This can be the time for the coin to sit back and then certainly bounce back again making another prominent mark in the market.  

As we have seen in the past, the current trend of the market favors Dogecoin going ahead in future. Dogecoin has surged when the market has stayed low and dogecoin has stayed low when the market has been up. Another plus examining the price of DOGE in recent time is that price of the coin has been fluctuating between a $0.005 USD to $0.0036 USD mark, which is not bullish but it is neither too much bearish. This shows that dogecoin has been wandering around a much stable price mark, which will bring a bull run for DOGE very soon. 

Why users can still go bullish on Dogecoin (DOGE) in coming time? The one reason has been dogecoin’s converse performance when compared with other altcoins in market. The other reason is that few days back when Dogecoin was listed on SALT, it showed a glimpse of Dogecoin’s future. Although this was not that massive listing still the price of Dogecoin surged from $0.003 USD to $0.004 USD.  

Dogecoin is also looking to release its Indie game soon, this will a huge uplift to DOGE as online gaming has been a massive market in today’s time. Such an exhibition has been missing for Dogecoin network, this will add an extra nuance to DOGE’s network and grow the demand of meme coin in the market leading it to increase in its value. 

The biggest of all releases has been the ‘Dogethereum’ which has been Dogecoin’s backbone since its launch. This DOGE/ETH bridge has given immense popularity to the meme coin among different crypto users. Due to all this the tag of Joke coin has been vanished and looking at its recent performance the Crypto investors have kept Dogecoin on their watchlist.  

The full version of Dogethereum is yet to launch this puts Dogecoin on a bullish side and the listing of SALT has also given boost to Dogecoin and the coming Indie game will also give thrust to DOGE entering into a new year. Currently, Dogecoin was trading with a price of $0.0036 USD having a market cap of $424 million, at the time of writing. So, Dogecoin still has a lot of challenge to face and they will not like to bury their recent hype in such a futile way. 


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