Verge (XVG), XVG

Verge (XVG) might be down but not out and is building itself after realizing its past mistakes and the end of Q4 is set to see a new focused, bigger and stronger platform. At the moment, the Verge team seems to have eased off from chasing the price mirage and adopting a new strategy of going the mass adoption way.

With their infrastructure up and running, Verge needs to entice and convert their global adorers into adopters to drive the XVG demand have and attain the coins’ stability. The team has come to terms with the effects of crypto sphere volatility and the only way to get out of the current nightmare is to grow their user base and convert them into value.

Verge Wallets to Boost Mass Adoption

The month of October has seen the developer team at Verge had made tremendous progress on the Verge wallet while at the same time working on the codebase improvement and attain the highest security levels akin to Bitcoin’s. The team has also assured XVG users that the recent bug discovery should not lead to panic since it was discovered before the codebase upgrade.

To be ready for mass adoption, the team is in the final phase to finalize the iOS and android wallets updates which should enter the market together with the much anticipated stealth addressing. The wide range of wallet operating systems is a clear statement that Verge wants to bring all type of users to their platform.

These upgrades have been given top priority since it is what the community felt are important for mass adoption going into the future.  The team has also woken up from their slumber and is now focusing on the users as opposed to the price. The price appreciation can only happen if the network has a sizeable following.

Verge Website Translation Might lead to Global Appeal

It is no secret that Verge has been missing out on global appeal and visibility and the website translation to major world languages is a good route to the market. More people will be able to interact and identify with Verge and its native coin, XVG.

Verge has taken a bold step in involving its global audience in translating its website and this will also speed up its mass adoption. The team is using the global users to make the platform ownership personal and this will create a lot of passion among the community and at the same time act as its brand ambassadors.

Verge brand name has been concentrated in the Asian market and translating their website will give it a new outlook among investors across the globe. This is a timely move and will paint a clean picture of the coin to the world putting its PornHub collaboration mistake behind.

Verge (XVG) getting Adoption support

After XVG partnership with PundiX, the coin has collaborated with NetCents which has seen its integration with Softpoint. The coin usability appears on point though the network is yet to scratch the privacy coin surface. NetCents however has brought onboard a wealth of merchants accepting XVG through the point of sale and this will drive their mass adoption agenda further.

With the new lucrative collaboration, the coin should continue with the mass adoption drive and the price matrix will fall in place. With the current tempo, the coin is poised for a bright future as long as the investor shuns the prospecting modality for the XVG coin.

Verge (XVG) is ranked 42nd by market cap and the last 24 hours the coin has been traded at $0.013669 after dropping 1.29% to the dollar and this represents the state of the crypto market during the same period and investors are keeping their fingers crossed to see how the coin performs after commencing its mass adoption campaigns.


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