XRP (XRP) was one of the top-notch performers in the recent bear market. It keeps on getting better every single day and its technology (Ripple) makes it look even better. That is why XRP is growing so fast and rapidly across the globe. But the intensified market over the past few weeks makes it even more interesting for XRP because the process that’s taking place right now in the market is one that needs to happen in order for XRP to be number 1. This market has basically hurt Bitcoin badly and the hyped XRP technology is really working solidly for the coin. The market performance and XRP’ technology combo has been the stand out in recent time.   

XRP’s Technology is Superior to BTC’s, Says Cory Johnson 

Ripple is what makes XRP (XRP) look so cool. Ripple is very fast and this year has been the one that would be mesmerizing for Ripple and certainly for XRP as well. Ripple’s growth has been splendid, as we can see the blockchain firm expanding its network across the middle east, Asia, America and other parts of the world. The banking system has been revolutionized by Ripple’s most special RippleNet (i.e. xCurrent & xRapid).  

The Chief Strategist of Ripple, Cory Johnson in a recent interview posted by Steven Diep stated that XRP’s tech is far better and superior to the one Bitcoin has. He said the most important factor that XRP is ahead from BTC is the TPS rate, which is way faster than Bitcoin’s TPS, Johnson said: 

“Around how many transactions Bitcoin can do per hour. Let alone…nobody even talks about per minute … XRP does 1500 transactions per second.”   

Cory Johnson further said that Bitcoin has some real technological limitations. The digital asset that shows fundamental use cases will develop a fundamental value. XRP is being used more than Bitcoin being used as of today. Well, keeping all the aspects that Cory mentioned XRP has much to offer in coming time. The digital asset so far has shown what it can do to the banking system, especially. Moreover, XRP needs a bit of luck as well and so far, it has been getting from the market. 

Market Overview  

The bear market has affected every single coin and the cryptocurrencies have dropped significantly. The crypto market cap has dropped down up to $132 billion, which was nearly $250 billion a few months ago. Bitcoin has seen a great dip in its price and automatically the other altcoins have also dropped down excessively.  

In this, all situation XRP (XRP) has been the one which has had the least effect. This has helped XRP to retain its position at number 2 spot. This shows that the market has been favorable for the digital asset. So, all-in-all XRP has been impressive and this market could push XRP to number 1 spot in the next year.  

At the time of writing, XRP (XRP) was trading with a price of $0.38 USD having a market cap of $15 billion. In the last 24 hours, it has gained up to 10%, which is good to see after some time. So, XRP will rely on market and Ripple’s combo in coming days to achieve the top spot.


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