Most of the cryptocurrencies are growing their adoption through partnerships with different firms around the world. NEM (XEM) is one of those digital assets which mostly believes in this method to increase its adoption, and why not? It is the best way to grow your network in any business. Since the cryptocurrencies came into space, the blockchain technology has impressed most of the networks across the globe.  

NEM (XEM) is pretty busy as it has announced collaborating with different firms. Recently, NEM announced that they will be partnering with Ethyl. It is one of those networks which makes smart technologies even smarter. Ethyl with a powerful hub amalgamates with the blockchain, through which it enables to totally detach you from the huge and unsafe IoT servers. Moreover, it is very compatible and lets the user circumvent vendor lock-in with open standards and it is also well suited with IoT devices the user likes and knows. 

NEM blockchain is making its dapps focusing a lot on gaming. The most recent update is Xarcade, it is one of the famous gaming networks for both gamers and game publishers. With this collaboration, it will reduce costs for the game developers and gamers. This will happen by lowing the fees related to the centralized broker. The games will be developed and published on the NEM blockchain with the help of Xarcade Software Developer Kit (SDK). NEM explained by elaborating how they will change the gaming network by partnering with Xarcade, NEM tweeted: 

“Many have wondered how blockchain technology will change the way we do things. Xarcade shows us how to do it in gaming.” 

NEM has also teamed up with Singaporean venture platform firm, iFashion Group to improve the retail experience. The Augmented Reality (AR) blockchain network developed by the NEM blockchain will be collaborating with iFashion to work on this partnership. 

The NEM blockchain through the First Door Solution (FDS) will provide different services in the software industry as FDS is a software development provider. Moving on NEM (XEM) tends to grow its network with furthermore partnerships. This is very good the NEM because this will help in the long-term. These partnerships are a key asset for XEM performance in the market and they give NEM (XEM) a lot of support in the market. Considering the fact that the bear mark has been very ruthless, such partnerships have helped NEM to trade around a stable price mark.  

In the coming time, we can see NEM (XEM) being named among top digital assets. NEM is a platform built for better-performing smart assets. In the last three months, the price of XEM has been moving around $0.1 USD to $0.07 USD, which is quite decent when comparing it with other altcoins.  

At the time of writing, NEM (XEM) was trading with a price of $0.077 USD looking to aim the $0.09 mark as it was surging up with about 3% in last 24 hours. When compared to the rest of the market, XEM was among few of those coins in green. The market cap was about $697 million has a trading volume of $13 million. So, comparing NEM’s performance with the bear market the long-term prospects are bright and NEM (XEM) is also working good to enhance its networks growth. 


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