A rapidly growing digital asset and blockchain firm, NEM (XEM) has been very busy partnering with different corporations. NEM is improving day by day and so far, it has been performing effectively in the market.

NEM (XEM) made it official that they have partnered with GUBI. It is China’s biggest artwork database and online artwork trading market. After this collaboration, NEM will be developing GUBI’s identity, expert credit, and user system through its blockchain technology.  

GUBI is China’s leading artwork database and it mostly works as a professional search engine for the Chinese art industry. The network of GUBI has almost 800 experts and more than 2,000 academics have joined them. Its famous partner is the leading e-commerce network in China. It has over eight hundred thousand trading users and a total of 1.66 million sales of the 60k stores all across China.  

NEM (XEM) is a very hardworking blockchain firm and is highly committed to the development of their network. After collaborating with NEM blockchain, GUBI is aiming to produce more reliable artwork market and database. The partnership will also focus on the progress and promotion of blockchain technology in the art industry. This will help to improve the blockchain adoption.  

The NEM network is on a verge of becoming one of the top adopted cryptos. The recent collaboration with Ripple and Cardano will turn out to be great one strategically as well as economically. The news emerged that these three blockchain firms along with another decentralized firm Fetch.AI have collaborated with each other and they are planning to create a firm that will help the EU craft the right regulations, in order for the bloc to tap into the full benefits of blockchain technology. This collaboration will lead NEM to be in top digital assets in the coming year because this news is expected to be the biggest news of crypto industry for this year. 

NEM (XEM) has also been listed on BitoPro an exchange owned by BitoEx, which is a Taiwanese exchange. This listing will certainly boost up NEM’s adoption in the eastern part of Asia. NEM adoption rate is increasing day by day and if it keeps on growing like this NEM will hit to the sky very soon. So, the investors have a good time to invest in XEM, because it has performed exceptionally well in the bear market and recently it has surged up to 13th place indicating to rise further in a bull run. 

Having a look at today’s (9th December 2018) market, NEM (XEM) looks to perform better as rest if the market is also looking positive. At the time of writing, NEM (XEM) was trading with a price of $0.071 USD and it has surged up to 5% in the last 24 hours. The market has been growing pretty well from past few days as NEM looks to rising furthermore. Currently, the market cap of XEM was $640 million with a trading volume of $11 million. 


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