As time passes on, digital assets are coming up with new innovations in the blockchain technology. In this case, it’s IOTA (MIOTA) and they are adding something new to the tangle ecosystem, which is known as Qubics.  

Distinctive Qubics are basically prepackaged quorum-based computational tasks. This Qubic system will give IOTA Tangle the advantage to distribute and combine qubics from the user to the system that will be processing them. 

The Qubics are produced as messages while a usual IOTA transaction. They consist of special commands which are known as metadata. These commands notify when and how to process these Qubics. The system reads the metadata instructions and confirms whether or not to execute the requisite processing for the analogous benefits.  

The Qubic platform will be the most significant contribution to the IOTA stack, it will enable unlimited new use cases and turn the IOTA Project into a full solution. The IOTA nodes enabled on Qubic platform would be able to handle more to the decision making automatically, which would be based on the parameters chosen by their operators. 

The Qubic platform enabled on IOTA’s (MIOTA) Tangle work on the programming language known as Abra. The tasks are identified via this programming language. The Qubics are event-driven, which means that they listen to Tangle directly for the input data and it runs after the changing of input data. Then after the process, qubics report their result back to the Tangle. When a single qubic runs, it causes several other qubics to run to which makes it a “chain reaction”. Qubic actually acts as a catalyst and triggers other qubics and forms a chain reaction. 

This Qubic system is there is to change the whole ecosystem of IOTA and with the further addition of Abra, it would allow IOTA with the opportunity for the permissionless alliances to help enhance, generate and iterate IOTA’s shared vision. 

IOTA will this all fine improvements is really making a mark in the crypto industry. Just like the last year, they want to come up with big and better innovations this time around. IOTA is also shaping up an M2M economy which will benefit the users. Sharing and trading data are already becoming a mutually beneficial exercise which boosts innovation for organizations and creates new revenue streams of data for Business. IOTA’s is working in different sectors and this is what that will make it a long-running digital asset. 

Having a look at what IOTA (MIOTA) has done so far in today’s (18th January 2018) market, it has surged up to 6% in the last 24 hours. At the time of press, IOTA was trading with a price of $0.313 USD having a market cap of $869 million and a trading volume of $10 million. This crypto is for sure to one to look forward in future because of its evolving technology, it will impact the entire crypto industry.  


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