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The almost first month is about to end and the crypto market is still bearish but time flies fast so we can hope that good time for the cryptocurrencies will come soon. Verge (XVG) is surviving this bear market with forbearance and it is focusing more on the core of the XVG network. Verge is working on different developments projects and is keen to improve its issues. 

Verge has announced that its partner NetCents will be the first Exchange to allow buying and selling of XVG coins with the trading pairs of USD, CAD, and EURO. Verge also announced that incoming time the users will be able to pay merchants accepting XVG from their apps. This feature will be available on both Android and Apple devices. Verge in a Tweet earlier today (29th January 2019) stated: 

“We are proud to announce our partner NetCentsHQ is the first Exchange to enable buying XVG with USD, CAD, and EURO Today!” 

Moreover, there is one more big news coming up for Verge (XVG) users, as Verge will soon be integrated on the Apple watch. The privacy coin is really making positive steps for mass adoption. This one will help it grow its user base among the Apple users.  

Recently, Verge released the alpha 5.0 update of its Codebase and in this update, there are some basic enhancements made to the Verge ecosystem, which includes an overall change set of RPC commands and improved security with an upgrade of the XVG blockchain to chain security and highly refined CPU. 

The privacy is a key component of the Verge (XVG) system and they have always working on it to improve according to the circumstances. Mobile phones are the most used devices in the world and that’s why every crypto is focusing more on the mobile network. Verge mobile stealth addressing is a feature which enhances the user experience while using utilizing mobile payments. In this case, the transaction address is only known by the payer and payee. 

So, Verge is very enthusiastic regarding its upcoming updates on different projects and this will help its market performance. Verge HOLDers might be in a state of FOMO because of the irresolute market, but they need to keep patience because it will get better in coming time. With all the progress, XVG has a good chance to go for a high flight very soon.  

Examining the market, it is more like a traditional bear market where most of the crypto is trading in a red hot muddle. At the time of press, Verge (XVG) was trading with $0.006 USD and in the last 24 hours it had declined up to –2.20%. The market cap of XVG was around $91 million, whereas, the trading volume was $1.3 million. 


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