Bitcoin Cash, BCH

The crypto market from the last couple of days has been trading in green and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is on a high run. The digital assets are improving their vulnerabilities and Bitcoin Cash is looking ahead towards a brighter future. The main focus of BCH is to become sound money which is easily usable across the world.  

Bitcoin Cash has collaborated with the Japanese firm ANA Group. The first investor in Bitcoin, Roger Ver confirmed the alliance of BCH with ANA Group. Bitcoin Cash CEO unleashed that they have been in talks with the Allianz Cargo Direct for working together on the further roadmap of BCH ecosystem. 

Ver further stated that there are many other firms that are looking to add Bitcoin Cash to their network and work together with it. According to Ver, there might be some insider issues due to which they could not announce their partnership with Bitcoin Cash (BCH). But anytime soon they might collaborate with the Bitcoin Cash network. 

Moreover, one of the most prominent media sites, Wikimedia that runs Wikipedia has announced its collaboration with BitPay to accept Bitcoin Cash payments. BitPay announced that the Wikimedia Foundation with BitPay will now accept the donations of BCH.  

The circle of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption is getting on increasing with time. Pats Pena, one of the prominent members of Wikimedia Foundation said their donors has always shown huge interest in digital assets, so it was very much innate that BCH was our next target. He said that their Foundation accepts donations across the world and they aim for a vast amount of donations options to their users. So, Bitcoin Cash is one of the best options for online donations which is efficient and at the very same time it is low-cost. 

Bitcoin Cash has made massive progress towards mass adoption and this will help the growth of BCH’s network. On the other side, this will also have a big effect on its market rendition in long-term.  

The recent progress has helped BCH to improve its market and in the last 24 hours BCH has surged up to 5%. In last one day time, it has gained some price from $110 USD to $116 USD. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was trading with a price of $116.06 USD with a market cap of $2 billion and a trading volume of $276 million.  

Roger Ver who was the one to invest for the first time Bitcoin, now has heavily invested in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). So, for the long-term investors this is one can be one of the biggest investments can that lead them to become a millionaire in coming time. 


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