Dogecoin, DOGE

The bear market has been relentless and now it has been more than a year where digital assets are bleeding. Dogecoin (DOGE) showed a lot of promise in the past few months where it strongly resisted the red-hot market. From last week or so, Dogecoin has been trading below $0.002 USD and this has happened after several months. This has been the lowest trading price of Dogecoin in months.  

Assuming the assaulting situation of the market, Dogecoin still shows some assurance regarding its feature in the market. The bearness of the market is just one side of the picture, the real side is its real-world usage. The crypto users might be still uncertain about DOGE, but it is not a Joke what so ever. The shinning of Dogecoin in the crypto industry is one of the key aspects of its progress.  

Dogecoin (DOGE) is still considered to be one of the future cryptos in the market. There are certain reasons for that which makes DOGE a good investment.  The DOGE community understands the value of the digital asset. Dogecoin possesses a particular feature and that is its utility value. We have thousands of cryptocurrencies at the moment, but among the very few are used for real-world use. Dogecoin is one of those cryptos which are being used for the real purpose of cryptocurrency. This is why it is the third most active crypto in the cryptosphere. 

All the above aspects matter because the more Dogecoins are used the more will be its market demand and this will ultimately increase the value of the asset. This forms a good stature of the digital asset in experiencing much stable growth. The crypto industry is still new and the best way to increase its mass adoption is the real-world use and that is what’s happening for DOGE. 

The Dogecoin (DOGE) users seem very much enthusiastic and so should be its HODLers. They should recognize the importance of its growth in depth because it is not a game of one or two days. As the cryptoshpere keeps on growing, the market will get better.  

One thing Dogecoin team needs to do is to keep entertaining its users and bring up some programs to attract more users towards it. This would speed up its growth and helps it to stabilize its market position with much easiness. 

Examining today’s market, Dogecoin, as compared to most of the altcoins, was trading in a less downward trend. At the time of press, Dogecoin (DOGE) was trading with a price of $0.0018 USD with a downward trend of –1.50% in the last 24 hours. Currently, DOGE trades at 24th spot and the position of Dogecoin might shuffle a bit due to uncertainty in the market. But as soon as the market starts to follow up the bullish trend, we would see DOGE have a fun ride. 


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