Cryptocurrency exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange, also known as the digital currency exchange, allows people all over the world to trade cryptocurrencies for assets, money or other cryptocurrencies. Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies are going viral and are being legalized in a lot of countries. It was initially invented to avoid regulations. Cryptocurrency exchange accepts credit card payment, other cryptocurrency or wire transfer. When exchanging cryptocurrency, it will be transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet and can be transferred to some prepaid cards and withdrawn from many ATMs around the world.

Nowadays Governments are starting to make regulations to cryptocurrency exchange to prevent crime and illegal activities that are being made with cryptocurrencies. When cryptocurrency was invented, it was mainly used in purchasing illegal assets without being tracked and many other reasons.

In The United States

The law governing cryptocurrency exchanges now depends on the type of exchange you’re making and your location. Some exchanges are regulated, and others are not allowed in certain countries. In the U.S. exchange of cryptocurrency is based on each state. Each state has its regulations and law when using cryptocurrency. In 2015 New York, granted licenses for cryptocurrency exchange. However, there are still many states that cryptocurrency exchange is still not legal in it.

Before registering to trade, it is preferred to read the fine print for each exchange because each exchange has its compliance framework.

In Canada

In Canada, the regulation of cryptocurrency exchange are inconsistent, and authorities are treating cryptocurrencies as securities. However, the exchange rate for cryptocurrencies is high. There are a lot of platforms and applications in Canada that makes cryptocurrency exchange very easy and simple. Crypto Head has gathered the top 10 platforms that exchange cryptocurrency and are guaranteed in Canada.

Other Countries

In 2018, Malta welcomed the cryptocurrency exchange and especially bitcoin exchange. Malta has created the Malta Digital Innovation Authority that regulates cryptocurrency exchange, and they are trying to improve the verification process for crypto platform users.

Along with Malta, many other countries like Switzerland, Slovenia, Singapore and Georgia legalized the exchange of cryptocurrency. Each country has its own rules and regulation,a however they are welcoming it into their countries.

Uses of Cryptocurrency

The great adventure of cryptocurrency allowed many users around the world to use it freely as long as you have an internet connection. Some countries are friendlier to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and some are not. If you are willing to start a business on bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, avoid the countries that have strict regulation or doesn’t allow cryptocurrency at all. Most countries are still deciding how to regulate and legalize cryptocurrency and at the same time prevent the illegal activities. Cryptocurrency will enable people to sell, buy, or exchange assets and other cryptocurrencies on the crypto wallets that are made for it. It is always recommended to seek a trusted platform or wallet to do these exchanges. Usually, people use cryptocurrency to avoid taxation and to avoid inflation. The use of bitcoin has grown over the last five years, and other cryptocurrencies are starting to rise as well making the competition higher.


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