One of the developing cryptos projects Qtum (QTUM) has released its new Ignition v0.17.2 with some new features added to its core and some fixed bugs. Qtum is really beginning to make an impact in the market with its colossal performance in the recent past. 

The Qtum Ignition is its Main Network, where the tokens are stored under high security. The new update will bring notable changes to the Qtum blockchain and would give more efficient outcome to the users.   

The Ignition v0.17.2 update has some major features added to it which include the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) addition that will provide compatibility to the smart contracts. The Smart Staking Protocol has been completed that is basically the implementation of optimized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) which has been designed for the smart contracts.  

Moreover, smart contract GUI is a new implementation which would be used for creating new contracts, sending data, and looking after the status through local execution. This GUI will also provide easy ERC20 token management. 

The further addition of Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) has been also implemented completely and is now functional. This DGP will modify certain parameters without any fork. Some of the bug fixes which include ZMQ upgrade to v4.3.1. Different changes have been made in the EVM to change the event emitter to match the Ethereum’s behavior.  

Qtum will soon set up a testnet for the developers and for the time being developers would use the “regtest” mode for the testing purpose. Qtum will also be announcing details regarding the token swap from the QTUM ERC20 coins to the QTUM MainNet tokens.  

Qtum (QTUM) is nicely shaping up in the development sector and if they go on to produce some quality features in their blockchain, it could lead QTUM to one of the top-level assets. All the developments have led Qtum to perform better in the market.  

The fact that the entire market is getting stable, where Bitcoin is back trading near $4,000 USD. This shows that the market has started to follow the positive momentum and in the last 24 hours, Qtum has been one of the leading assets in the market with surging up to 7.12%. Currently, it is trading at the 29th spot, but it could go up if the market continues to follow the bullish momentum.  

At the time of press, Qtum (QTUM) was trading with a price of $2.26 USD with a market cap of $201 million and a trading volume of $297 million. The higher volume shows that the usage of Qtum has increased and users are adopting the digital asset.  


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