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The process of decentralization on the basis of which whole blockchain ecosystem is running is improving day by day. Ethereum Classic (ETC) are among those few cryptocurrencies who fully believe in the decentralized network.  

Ethereum Classic team explained that the reason why they have chosen to work on the Ethereum Classic Labs Improvement Proposal Process (ECLIP) and the basic objective is to envision the idea of ECIP. The ECIP process works on Github’s software system and is the new objective of ETC towards decentralization.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has put up a setup through which the decentralization process will get better. The SartIP, 24-ECIPURI and the old centralized ECIP process on Github would probably work together to as Ethereum Classic’s new decentralized ECIP process. The developing team of ETC has worked on this system to be implemented. 

Moreover, ETC Labs core has released the OpenRPC specification. This update is core to the roadmap of ETC JSON-RPC Scheme. This OpenRPC project could be beneficial for all the blockchains through the JSON-RPC. The Visual Studio Code Extension Version 0.1 allows the users to complete and confirm for the JSON documents. The Open-RPC playground allows a web IDE for the developers, through this they can experiment with the Open-RPC documents with the real-time doc generation. 

Why can be this crypto platform reliable? due to its immutability and the features of decentralization it provides makes it stand out amongst the rest of assets in the market. Recently, ETC Labs presented with the Cruzen, on this platform the developers would be able to trade algorithms. The users would be able to develop arbitrary trading algorithms. The users would go to the Cryzen platform and through an online bot development system, they would be able to trade algorithms. 

This is a new innovation and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are heading to be the biggest exclusive decentralized crypto platform. Unless the market gets complete hold over the uncertainty of it, things will be difficult but Classic is a bigger network, they would go through this. 

Having the look at the market, there is something to cherish for as Bitcoin (BTC) has crossed $4K in a while. This will help the entire market to recover it loses. At the time of writing, Ethereum Classic (ETC) was trading with a price of $4.52 USD. If the price of BTC remains above $4K then there is a chance the ETC would rise above $5 USD. At the moment, it was surging at a rate of 2.50%.  


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