Trade fairs are a nice opportunity to showcase emerging technologies, such as distributed ledger technologies. Today, one such event has kicked off. The Hannover Messe 2019 has kicked off and it focuses on industry 4.0 where innovations like IoT will be showcased. Some of the companies participating in this event include key IOTA partners such as Fujitsu.

As per the Fujitsu page, DLTs are among the technologies they will be showcasing at this event. Here is what Fujitsu has written on its page with regards to their Hannover Messe presentation.

Industry 4.0 presents you with new challenges in terms of efficiency and productivity. Get to know numerous innovative solutions, such as

This is a big deal because out of this, there are other companies that will be looking to take advantage of this move by Fujitsu to integrate IoT into their businesses. Fujitsu is a global brand and by showcasing the use cases of DLTs like IOTA in supply chains and manufacturing, they could transform manufacturing.  For IOTA investors, this would mean more adoption of the IOTA tangle, which in turn translates to a higher intrinsic value for IOTA (MIOTA).

Another company that is presenting at the Hannover MESSE is the NTT Communications Group.  As per the Hannover Messe website,

NTT…is this year exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE for the first time. With the growing digitization of production processes also making secure data processing and storage increasingly important to industrial companies, e-shelter is showcasing a number of IoT use cases at the leading trade show “Digital Factory” in Hall 6.

Given that it is presenting about IoT, which is IOTA’s forte, it will help in driving up more awareness about the IOTA tangle as well. That’s a plus for IOTA (MIOTA) investors since the more businesses use the IOTA tangle, the more valuable it becomes.

In essence, for an investor looking into IOTA (MIOTA), these trade fairs act as a validation for IOTA (MIOTA) as a long term investment. That’s not just because of the increased awareness, but also because of IOTA’s increased adoption by big business.

So far, a number of big businesses are working with IOTA. They include Fujitsu and Volkswagen. IOTA is also actively involved at the policy level on matters I.T. Key IOTA figureheads have in the past made presentations alongside key EU leaders. This means that from a regulatory standpoint, IOTA (MIOTA) in a better position than most DLTs in the globally significant EU block. On top of that, IOTA is in line with emerging issues, such as urban sustainability in the 21st century. That’s why it is involved in projects like the Taipei smart city project. All these factors point to a future where IOTA (MIOTA) makes it big in the long run, irrespective of its short-term price fluctuations.


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