Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has enjoyed its time in the market after a decent showing in the bull run. A cryptocurrency with promising features, ETC looks to make a move forward with inducing new aspects that add much more certainty to the decentralization of the blockchain ecosystem. 

Ethereum Classic has had a high success rate in short term bullish markets and the price of ETC is retesting a strong trend line resistance which is not likely to break. The reason is that in the recent bull market, its price has rallied too far with instant impact but now lacks the force to break past that price mark. So, we might see ETC dropping soon. The previous stats of ETC shows that it has a history of lagging behind, but yet it is trading in green. 

Apart from market trends, Ethereum Classic is a crypto with a strong base that makes it a top-level asset. Recently, Abra added the support for ETC and other cryptos, as well. Along with the help of Plaid, a San Francisco-based fintech firm that makes it easier for the users to connect their bank accounts with the financial apps, such as Abra. For the users of Abra, Plaid integration will allow thousands of banks to connect at one place and they will all be compatible with the Abra wallet. 

This is another step that will drive more adoption towards cryptocurrency and this will make the transferring of money very much easy. The users of the United States will be able to convert their fiat currency into the cryptocurrency via connecting to the Abra app. 

The goal of these integrations is to bring users towards this platform and provide them with upgraded functions, as the use of the cryptocurrencies becomes swift and fluid. The world has already been globalized, but to make certain changes which makes the life of people much easier, such systems are playing a key role. The Abra team looks forward to presenting all those features that a top wallet has and help the users to easily deposit their assets directly into the wallet. 

The users of ETC have trust in their asset and it can be seen through the increasing volume of ETC, as more users are adopting the crypto. Ethereum Classic has proven its critics wrong and making such a strong impact once again. ETC has lifted itself up and has gained the trust of the investors.  

Examining the market, Ethereum Classic (ETC) was trading with a price of $7.62 USD which has risen from $5.60 USD in the last whole week. The market cap of ETC was around $842 million and had a trading volume of $1.3 billion. 


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